About Us

Ephesians 2:10


"Those are two radically different questions...

What can we spare?


What will it take?"

-David Platt

About Us

All the King's Children Foundation began as a call to action in The New Direction Group's Sunday morning Bible Study class. This group meets at First Baptist Church of Mount Olive, North Carolina.  Lead by Rev. H. Wayne Whiting, the group studied RADICAL by David Platt.

"Radical obedience to Christ is not easy...it is not comfort, not health, not wealth and not prosperity in this world. Radical obedience to Christ risks losing all these things. But in the end, such risk finds its reward in Christ.  And He is more than enough for us." - David Platt

We are called to serve others. Many find it difficult to know how to accomplish this. Many find it difficult to help others who won't help themselves.  However, the basic human needs of a child are undeniable. The ancient proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child" is full of truth.  Children are our future. We must see that they are cared for, provided for and given every opportunity to succeed. Clean water, food to nourish, basic health care, warm clothing, shoes for their feet... these are not luxuries. They are necessities. As a village it is our responsibility to ensure that all of God's children are provided for.   

As an educator working with school nurses and social workers, our founder saw the needs of families in our area. She witnessed how difficult it can be to meet those needs. Local schools' Family Support Team members must make phone calls, ask for donations, schedule appointments and even turn down needs when there aren't adequate resources available.

Our founder has also witnessed the care and compassion that other parents have for students that are in need. Community members want to help but often don't know how. A surprising number of citizens are unaware of the needs in their own communities.

All the King's Children Foundation was formed as a nonprofit that will partner with area churches, volunteer organization and anyone with the heart to help our children.  Their needs must be met in order for children to be successful in school, and ultimately in life.

Won't you help?

Board of Directors:

Chairman of the Board: Marcia U. Whitley, Founder - AtKC

President: Rev. H. Wayne Whiting, Assistant Mgr., Citgo Pet. Corp.

Vice Chairman: Robin Smith, Owner - Main Street Salon

Secretary: Kelly Sumner, Teacher, Wayne County Public Schools

Polly Allegra, County Family Programs Mgr., NC Cooperative Extension

Veronica Hernandez, Manager, Ashley Nichole Designs

Michelle Holland, Teacher, Wayne County Public Schools

Takisha Vann, Teacher/Coach, Wake County Public Schools

Kim Whitted, Teacher, Duplin County Public Schools

Ray Whitted, Owner, Farm Manager

Youth Advisory Board
If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 and interested in helping AtKC serve the youth in our community, email info@allthekingschildren.org for an application.  Youth will meet once per quarter with our Board of Directors and be asked to serve during at least one fundraiser or event during their year of service.

Emily Webster - Chair
Aaron Whiting - Vice Chair
Baker Sumner - Secretary 
Isabelle Pullen -Communications 
Karen Throm - Treasurer

All the King's Children Foundation celebrates our 
10th Anniversary in 2024
Follow us to find out how we plan to recognize this 
important milestone!